Thursday, February 26, 2009

MSNBC TV Scheduled to Interview Me Tomorrow 9:30 AM EST About the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Taking Place at Noon Tomorrow in 45 Cities !

In the category of.... when it rains, it pours.... comes this.

Just finished watching Neil Cavuto's great interview with the organizer of the New York City Tea Party, then jumped on the RNC Grassroots Conference call run so well by internet genius David All.

When the cell phone rang (well, buzzed actually) and showed a 212 area code, I thought David wouldn't mind if I left the call to answer.

Good move.

Turns out it was a very nice producer from MSNBC confirming a live interview at 9:30 am EST tomorrow to talk about tomorrow's Nationwide Chicago Tea Party.

Tune in and let me know how you think it goes!

At the very least, more publicity for the now 50 and growing tea parties scheduled to take place around the country.

Our theme ?

Our message to Congress is simple: Repeal the Pork or Retire !

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Anonymous said...

I attended the protest today and took video of all the speakers from about 10 feet away. It's not professional quality by any means but you can hearall the speeches clearly and, except for the rain and the lady next to me that kept poking me in the eye with her umbrella, you can see the speakers fairly well. Pass these links on to others.

Video of Jenny Beth Martin of kicking off the Protest. She did an OUTSTANDING job Hostessing the Tea Party today!

Video of Debbie Ellis Dooley from FreedomWorks followed by GA State Director Americans for Prosperity, Jared Thomas.

Video of Regular Guy Eric VonHaessler of Atlanta's Rock 100.5 gives an amazing speech!

Video of GA State Insurance Commissioner and 2010 candidate for Governor, John Oxendine speaking on the steps of the Georgia State Capital today.

Here is a link to video of some of the speakers from today, Ga State Legislators. State Rep's Austin Scott and Tom Graves, and State Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers. I'll have more as soon as I'm able to finish uploading them.