Monday, February 02, 2009

UK's Telegraph Reports on #TCOT -- Conservatives on Twitter -- But Gets It Wrong

As if we didn't have enough problems with the American Mainstream Media covering the conservative netroots movement properly.

Now comes an article from Britain's Telegraph claiming that despite the success of Top Conservatives on Twitter (#TCOT) liberals still dominate Twitter

Au contraire.

#TCOT now dominates the world of Twitter hashtags.

Want evidence ?

Try this out for size.

In January, 2009, reports that the #1 used hashtag on Twitter for the month was #TCOT.

18,000 tweets using #TCOT were sent out in the 31 days of January. But actually failed to count #TCOT tweets on 9 of those 31 days !

Second place in use of hashtags ?

The second place finisher had fewer than #6,000 tweets.

I would call that conservative domination of the Twitter conversation for the month of January, 2009, wouldn't you ?


bmo said...

Wow! #TCOT is really rock'n! Twitterific!

Advocate For Change said...

And, thus, we rock!

T said...

#TCOT would be a great way for Glenn Beck to prove that conservatives outnumber liberals in US.