Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to Create a "Plan B" Tea Party

If you live in a city where an organized local tea party as part of tomorrow's www.nationwidechicagoteaparty is not currently planned, you still have time to organize a local "Plan B" Tea Party and be an important part of this national event. Here's what you do.

1. Appoint yourself as the local "Plan B" Tea Party organizer.

2. Reserve a table or private room at your favorite local restaurant. Preferably one with a WIFI connection.

3. Create a Facebook Event announcing your "Plan B" Tea Party. Try and have the time as close to noon EST Friday February 27 as possible.

4. Send me the link to your event in a comment here. Also, go to www.nationwidechicagoteaparty and follow the link to the main Facebook event we have created. "Attend" that event as a Maybe. Then POST your link to the Facebook Wall of that event. We will move it up to the main page for you.

5. Invite half a dozen or a dozen of your friends to the restaurant.

6. Tell everyone to bring their digital cameras, cell phones and laptops.

7. Join our Conference Call at 5 pm CST tonight. You can get the call in # by joining this ning group: . Search today's events for the call in #.

8. Issue a Press Release to the local media.

9. Tomorrow, at the restaurant, follow the events of the day on Twitter using the #teaparty hashtag. Send live tweets. Send pics of your event. Call in our audio lines.

10. Send a message to @TCOTTV on Twitter. Ask to get the YouTube announcement. Retweet that announcement.


Anonymous said...

Sample Texts for signs:

Free Markets, Not Free Loaders

No Public Money for Private Failure

Reward Responsibility, Not Irresponsibility

Andrew Jackson was Right: No to Bank Nationalization

Cut Taxes, Not Deals

Next Time, Read the Bill Before You Sign It

You Can’t Borrow to Prosperity

Don’t Mortgage the Future

Solve Problems, Don’t Sweep Them Under the Table

220 Years to Build the Republic, 1 Month to Destroy It

Obama has a Crisis of Competence

Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions

Restore the Republic, Revolt Against Socialism

Sleep? I’ll Sleep When Conservatives Run Congress

Netizen Warriors, Not Dependent Whiners


No Taxation Without Deliberation

No Taxation Without Deliberative Representation

No Spending Without Deliberation

No Spending Without Deliberative Representation

Join Our Cause: Restore the Republic

We Don’t Want No Stinkin Socialism !

The Very Small List: Things Government Does Well



Jenny Hatch

Anonymous said...

There is a virtual facebook tea party planned here

for those of us not on Twitter or who can't do 12 EST.

JamieGator said...

I have organized a "Plan B" Gainesville Tea Party protest event for Gainesville Florida.

Here is the link on Facebook:

James Cruce
Twitter ID: JamieGator

Steve S. said...

In the tiny town of Wauchula, FL we will be having a Tea Party at Heritage Park at noon.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?
You have to be joking me...a Harvard graduate? Intelligent? Is this what we have leading the tea parties? Are you freaking serious?

In case you do not understand, the problem in America is that our public servants are not following the Constitution.

This is not a paper tiger revolution my friend.

Anonymous said...

When and where is the tea party in Gainesville, Florida